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DISCLAIMER: The brand has changed a bit...


Change is good, it means we're growing. Before, Forever Hungry was a call to the hardcore entrepreneur you knew you could be. It was the firey feeling of becoming successful. That is no longer the story. It's ok to want to be great, although, its self-serving foundation is now gone. I (Gaijin) have personally gone through changes. I understand that there's more to life than constantly pushing for personal greatness and financial success. I'm still a creator, and Forever Hungry is still a brand, but it puts God and the love of our neighbors first.


FOREVER HUNGRY. is not just a Lifestyle... 

it's a real feeling. Our spirits crave peace, love, happiness, comfort, truth, eternal life & righteousness. Through Jesus Christ, we will find what the spirit needs. The journey is not easy but the hunger is strong. 

OFFICIAL TEE 2021 just sharkie.png


The representative for hunger. Hungry for God, Truth & Salvation. Living for the blood of Christ and always on the move (Discipleship). 



The sweet taste of the word.

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