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“Sin” is defined as moral wrongdoings. But how do you know if you’ve sinned?

Here are just a few examples. Have you told a lie? Have you ever stolen something big or small? Have you EVER had hate in your heart for someone? Have you ever used Gods name as a curse word? Have you envied someone and what they have?

If you answered yes to one of those, then you my friend, are a sinner.
But wait, there’s good news!

the good news.

In the beginning, God brought all things into existence. He made man and woman (Adam and Eve) in his image. He told them they could live forever in a paradise called the garden of Eden. it was full of food and everything they needed. God gave them one rule, don’t eat from the tree of life. Eve ate from the tree of life and Adam didn’t stop her resulting in the punishment of banishment and death for both of them.


This disobedience caused the fall of all humankind and is the reason we live a life of sin. In order to get back God's grace he sent different prophets and leaders to bring us away from sin and into righteousness. unfortunately, men tried and failed. Over a span of thousands of years, God told his many chosen prophets of a savior to come.


2000+ years ago God came down in human form and Jesus was born. He was a miracle baby born from a virgin just as the prophets wrote. Jesus lived a perfect/righteous life and sacrificed himself on the cross as payment for our sins. He died and defeated death by raising up from the grave in 3 days. His death paid the fine for the sins we’ve committed.


His free gift on earth is the holy spirit and the gift after death is eternal life in heaven. But in order for your fine to be paid you must repent (turn away) from your sins, believe that Jesus died and rose from the grave. Through faith, you will be born again and will receive the holy spirit. The holy spirit will be there to counsel you and guide you as you follow god’s word. he will always be with you. Once you make that decision to follow Christ, Go and get baptized asap. Turn to Jesus Christ, Live a life of righteousness, not a life of sin.

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